053: Some number of years after the FAYZ wall came down, Edilio and Roger got married and adopted a baby boy, whom they named Justin, after the little boy Roger had looked after for so long.

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052: Lana was visiting Astrid and Diana one day when Quinn arrived with Sam. Lana couldn’t deny the feeling she had when she saw Quinn. When they were in priavte, Quinn told her how much he had missed her. “I’ve missed you too.” Lana admitted looking down at her feet. Quinn lifted her head slightly so she would look at him and she didn’t stop him as he kissed her lips lightly. Lana left her parent’s house shortly afterwards and moved in with Quinn… Bringing Patrick, of course.

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051: Dekka decided to visit Lana one day. Lana was shocked that she came, but appreciated it. She had always liked Dekka. They sat talking for hours and playing with Patrick. It was getting late so Lana told Dekka to stay the night. Dekka never left after that day, and Lana and Dekka became best friends.

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050: Diana had always been attracted to Sam. After all, who didn’t? But after Caine died she started to really develop feelings for him. When she moved in, she tried to forget them. One day after Diana had read Caines note and was crying over it again, Sam came in. “I heard you crying. Are you okay?” He asked her as he sat down on her bed. “I’m fine.” “No, you’re not.” He answered and kissed her slightly. After that they got together secretly every time Astrid was gone and never stopped.

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049: Edilio had a crush on Sam during the events of HUNGER.

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048: Diana discovers she’s pregnant with Caine’s child from their last moments together on the island. Sam and Astrid plan to help raise the child, and the trio go out shopping on the weekends to decorate the baby’s room in the apartment. Sam gets to witness Diana’s pregnancy for a second time, except Astrid joins Diana in embarrassing him with pregnancy facts. Diana gives birth in a hospital with “Uncle Sam,” “Aunt Astrid,” and “Uncle Quinn” in attendance. The baby is a boy. She names him David.

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048: After Dekka telling Brianna’s parents about her super speed, they used her college savings to buy shoes and trainers for less fortunate children across the world.

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047: The two books that Astrid had in her bag when she lived in the woods were ‘BZRK’ and ‘The Magnificent 12’

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Headcanon #1. After the FAYZ, Dekka becomes an elementary school teacher. Everything is finally fine and calm in her life for a few years. But one year, she notices odd resemblances of some of her students to the fallen of the FAYZ. She tries to ignore it, but over the next few months it just becomes too overwhelming. Distraught, she takes a leave. It doesn’t help. She moves towns. It doesn’t help. She hops around from hospital to hospital, looking for all different kinds of psychiatric help before she realizes nothing could make her happier than being back with the kids and watching them live out the happy lives her friends never could.
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046: Drastid love was real 5eva and Astrid made Sam wear a whip hand on her birthday

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