countsassmaster: what if Orc and Howard lived (assuming that orc would be normal agian if he lived)
  • After he was back in his human form, Orc was hospitalised for several weeks. The effect of chaining his body left him weak and malnourished, not to mention the fact he had been starving.
  • Howard was forever sarcastic.
  • Howard had many scars, both mental and physical. He hated looking in a mirror and only wore baggy clothes with long sleeves. Likewise, Orc was ashamed of his body. He had once been broad and tough but after the FAYZ, he was scrawny and weak. Orc would spend days at the gym trying to regain his former figure.
  • Orc never used the name ‘Orc’ ever again. Going by ‘Charles’, or even ‘Charlie’ on good days, from the moment he was out of hospital was his way of moving forward.
  • Charles had his abusive father arrested. He was devoted to his mother and was determined she would be safe for the rest of her life. She contracted terminal breast cancer many years later; the pain of losing his mum almost killed Charles.
  • Both went back to school. Both had trouble settling in. And both never bullied any kid again. In fact, they found themselves sticking up for other kids. They were outcasts at first (having their faces and stories in the papers didn’t help) but they became comfortable after a few months. 
  • In school, Howard became a drug dealer. Nothing too fancy, but enough to earn him a night in jail one saturday night. He was a low during his school years. Howard felt useless, unwanted and lonely. But he didn’t know how to help himself. Howard was self-destructing. It took a suicide attempt for him to realise something was wrong. 
  • Charles became a police officer. He was then asked out by a shy coffee shop worker who had been interested in him for months. His name was Derek and they dated for several years before marrying and having two daughters. Charles was a great dad.
  • Charles stayed in contact with Astrid. They were quite close. He named one of his daughters after her.
  • Howard struggled after school as well. He bagged a minimum wage job in McDonalds (thanks Albert) but was horrendously bored. He later found an interest in science - chemistry the most. With the money he earned from the FAYZ film, Howard went to college.
  • Howard had an intense fear of dogs and wolves. He refused to be anywhere near them. He often had nightmares of large coyote jaws attacking him.
  • Howard visited Drake Merwin’s ‘grave’. He pissed on it and tried to set it on fire. 
  • Howard slept with a lot of people. He had a crush on Astrid but never did anything about it. As if she would leave Sam for him. It wasn’t until he met a woman called Gina at a lecture that he had true feelings of love for another person.
  • Howard became a professor. It was one of his greatest achievements. 
  • The two were friends until the end.
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Anonymous: Drake
  • Had he controlled his anger, he may have lived. Drake was a smart boy, but he let his emotions rule over his intelligence. If he had cleared his mind, he could have had it all.
  • He had very long finger nails. Drake once used them to pierce a kindergarten’s throat.
  • Drake thought the film Saw was too soft.
  • Drake didn’t know how to swim. As a child, he had almost drowned in his family’s swimming pool, after one of the adults had turned a blind eye. He didn’t like to get wet.
  • His eye sight was fading. He would have needed glasses in the near future. 
  • His teeth were wonky. But braces were ‘geeky’ so he rejected them. He had two rather long canines. He used them to rip out a kid’s jugular once.
  • Teachers feared him. The only person who did was a mathematics teacher, Annabelle Quest. Ms Quest didn’t mind a bit of tough punishment. She once ‘accidentally' locked Drake in the swimming pool cupboard. And when seeing him picking on other students, Ms Quest would snatch him up by the ear and crack a sharp ruler across the back of his hands. Drake hated her. He planned various revenge plots for her, but she always seemed to be one step ahead. “Boys will be boys,” Ms Quest once said to Drake, as he scowled at her from detention. “So I must be a-“
  • Ms Quest died the spring before the FAYZ. The police report said she was cleaning her guns when one went off and shot down a large chandelier, killing her instantly. A complete accident, of course.
  • Drake tried to keep his body fit. In his dorm, he keep a vigorous exercise regime. He wanted to be tall and broad, so that when his victims turned to look at him, Drake would be all they saw; and any light would be blocked out.
  • Drake ran away from home many times. He once tried to strangle a homeless man, but he was too weak and was severely beaten up. He took his anger out on a dog.
  • Very easily angered, Drake was almost paranoid at Coates. He broke a kid’s jaw just because he thought that kid was talking about him.
  • He had self made scars on his forearm. One line for every death he caused. His own trophy shelf.
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Anonymous: Diana
  • Diana didn’t like being touched. She hired body guards to keep away prying reporters and fanclub members. She wasn’t afraid to wave a middle finger at the press.
  • She was very quiet after the wall falling for a while. It was almost as if she had lost her spark. She only spoke when spoken to, never entered conversations that weren’t already opened to her, and she’d often leave the room if it were full of other people.
  • Diana cut off contact with her parents. Her mother’s boyfriend went missing. She never spoke about them again.
  • She kept her hair short, just enough to scrape into a ponytail. Sometimes she had a fringe. 
  • She dressed in black. Long skirts and long sleeves with large hats to cover her face. Diana could move through a crowd unnoticed and yet walk into a room and be the most visible person there.
  • Her sarcasm never left. It just took a holiday. 
  • She gained weight. And she liked it. 
  • She was taller than Sam and Astrid. Which made her grin immensely.
  • Astrid became quite close with Diana. It was nice to have a gal pal who had the same experiences as her. 
  • She flirted with Sam until the cows came home. Watching him blush and wriggle was still very amusing. 
  • Diana never thought of Caine, but she would always dream of him.
  • It took a lot of time, therapy and tequila for her to love herself again. Not the cool confidence she had worn like armour as a teenager. The proper love that kept her warm at night. That made her stronger than any mutant.
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Anonymous: Brianna. (If she had gotten out the FAYZ alive)

Brianna Lives AU Headcanons

  • Brianna’s transition from ‘FAYZ warrior’ back into a young teenager angered her. Doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, her parents - all that patronizing and grief. Brianna hated it. She tried not to surround herself with adults any more. They couldn’t do anything during the FAYZ, what good could they do now?
  • If Jack had lived, they would have broken up but remained friends. Their relationship wasn’t made of stone, it was made of sand. But Brianna would always cared for him.
  • When Jack died, Brianna was upset but not heartbroken. She felt she had lost a friend rather than a boyfriend. She became close with his family afterwards, and would tell them stories of his bravery. Often she stretched the truth but to see them smile made it worth it.
  • Brianna had a huge fanclub. After her appearances on television, she gathered a fanclub of ‘Breezers’, who would send her letters and gifts, and beg for pictures and autographs. Brianna couldn’t deny how she loved it. It wasn’t so bad being loved!
  • She never drank alcohol. It frightened her to not be in full control of her body, not to mention seeing the young kids of the FAYZ with their old beer bottles and Howard’s dodgy moonshine put her off for life.
  • Sam and Astrid named their first daughter ‘Brianna’. Brianna was thrilled. She was determined to be the ‘coolest aunt in the state’.
  • Brianna was probably the only person to keep in touch with almost everybody in the FAYZ. She spent her days meeting up with the other survivors. They enjoyed her company as her positivity never faded. She was sunshine on grey days.
  • Brianna had a lot of difficulty adjusting to life after the FAYZ. She was important in the FAYZ. Now she was just a kid again.
  • Brianna had a brief stint in the army. She was position in Seoul, South Korea for a few years. She liked the regime of the army and how she felt like she had a place. However after a leg injury, she was forced to retire from active duty. This crushed her.
  • In later years, Brianna became a running coach for younger athletes. She married a man she met in the army, and had three children. The sound of happy children filled her home and her heart. She died peacefully in her sleep after a long and incredible life.
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Anonymous: Lana
  • After Patrick died, Lana never had another dog.
  • Sanjit and Lana were together for the rest of their days. Though there were many troubles in their relationship, they needed each other - possibly more than either of them were willing to admit.
  • Lana finally gave up drinking in her mid 30s. She never stopped smoking. 
  • She never wanted kids. Looking after Sanjit’s younger siblings was the closest she’d ever get to being a mother. She loved those kids dearly - they were her family now.
  • When Lana saw her parents for the first time, she cried her heart out. She apologised for her actions, for the sneaking out and lying. Her parents denied her apology, telling her it didn’t matter and that they were sorry for sending her away. Lana was close with her parents all her life.
  • Her old boyfriend Tony tried to call but she blanked him - especially when he tried to contact her again once the FAYZ movie was released.
  • Lana kept many guns. She got proper training for them, learning how to clean, dismantle and keep them in order. Sanjit disapproved but didn’t complain.
  • 'The Sound of Silence' triggers Lana. She has panic attacks when hearing that song in any form.
  • After spending up all the money she was given as compensation, Lana found work with social services, looking after children from broken and bad backgrounds. Seeing those kids find safe places made Lana happy. 
  • Lana’s favourite part of the day was crawling into bed with Sanjit and knowing they were safe. And the days always started well since Lana would wake up in Sanjit’s arms.
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  • Her last thoughts were of her family. The family she had left behind in the FAYZ and the family who were waiting for her outside.
  • Brianna always had a brave face on. Sometimes people forgot she was younger than Sam and the others. Sometimes she forgot it too. Her power made her feel invincible. But it also made her foolish. 
  • Her favourite scent was strawberry. Jack once recovered a half used bubblebath gel for Brianna. She would use it sparingly, smiling at the scent, pretending life was back to normal.
  • Jack also had a rubix-cube which Brianna immensely enjoyed solving with her super speed. However, during long nights when she couldn’t sleep, she would tinker with it slowly, doing her best not to speed up.
  • Brianna was the oldest of four siblings. She was always standing up for her youngest brother Todd on the playground, who was bullied for having wonky teeth. Brianna hadn’t seen her brother for months since she was at Coates. In fact, her family had almost slipped her mind; until she was staring at Brittney’s metal wired teeth, Brianna had realised she had barely thought of her family. The guilt felt like somebody had sucker punched her in the gut.
  • If she had lived, Brianna would have wanted to be a professional runner or an astronaut. 
  • Brianna hoped that Jack and Dekka would stay alive. Especially Dekka. She didn’t really understand Dekka’s feelings - her sex education was severely lacking - but she hoped Dekka would be happy. Brianna couldn’t stand seeing that look of sadness in her eyes. And knowing there was nothing she could do about it.
  • Her parents visit her grave often. Her brother cannot bare to come.
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Anonymous: Quinn
  • His mother used to always tuck him into bed, no matter how old he got. The first night of the FAYZ was the hardest. Many nights, he woke up crying out loud for his mother. At first, a few people would tease him behind his back. After a few weeks, nobody said a word. 
  • After the FAYZ, Quinn attempted suicide twice. The first time, his cousin found him and called the police. The second time, the old rope that he had struck up snapped. He took this as a sign to stay alive. 
  • A heavy drinker, Quinn would drink to stop the nightmares. It wasn’t until he was found in the gutter by none other than Albert that he admitted to having a problem. He went to an anonymous support group, only to end up next to Lana. They grew close, sleeping together many times. Unfortunately she didn’t tell him she was still with Sanjit. Quinn cut her off. Whatever they had died long ago, they were just playing on old memories.
  • Quinn aquired many tattoos. A few when he was drunk, but others that actually had meaning. 
  • He drifted from Sam. The gap that had developed in the FAYZ grew into a canyon. It wasn’t until Sam turned up on his doorstep and asked him to come to his wedding that their friendship came back together. Quinn had difficulty adjusting back into their friendship. That was until Sam and Astrid had a son - a beautiful baby boy with wide brown eyes. They asked Quinn to be the godfather, which at first he rejected, but after watching baby Quinn fall asleep in his arms, Quinn agreed.
  • Quinn spent a lot of time fishing. Like Edilio, he preferred manual labor. He built his own cabin in one of the most deserted parts of America. Later on, he adopted two dogs. Two scruffy mongrels with no names. They were good company.
  • He never thought about love again. Until he met an older woman. An soldier who had finished two tours in Afghanistan. The two could talk without borders. They were together for the rest of Quinn’s days.
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ostrichwound: Edilio
  • Edilio was best man at Sam and Astrid’s wedding.
  • Edilio and Roger remained together for life. They had no interest in marriage, but during their late 40s, they decided to be wed. Only a few of the FAYZ survivors were there. They honeymooned in Idaho by the Snake River Canyon, where they spent a wonderful three weeks sleeping under the stars. They both took each other’s last names. 
  • He doesn’t drink.
  • For many moons after the FAYZ, Edilio could not get used to walking around without a weapon. He would place a hand on the invisible spot where a machete should be tied to his belt. When he was old enough, he purchased a gun. Roger never carried a weapon. Edilio kept his firearms a secret from him; this created a rift between the two, however no rift is big enough to drive them apart. Over time, Edilio disposed of all weapons in the house.
  • Roger insisted they both go to therapy (Albert Hillsborough was donating money for help for FAYZ survivors) but Edilio refused. His mistrust in adults had always been there, and it had only grown since the FAYZ. He found more comfort in support groups, around others who had been in similar situations. 
  • He stayed in close contact with many of the FAYZ survivors. 
  • Edilio gained American citizenship nearly two years after the incidences of the FAYZ. He spent many years after battling for his family’s right to stay.
  • Edilio had difficulty with finding a job. He had no qualifications. He worked many minimum wage jobs. He preferred manual labour, and he was able to get work at a tree lumber factory. Hard work and loyalty paid off - he became the youngest head of the factory after years of climbing up the ladder. He employs as many people as possible and pays them well.
  • He was disgusted by the film adaptation of the FAYZ. Using the money he was given from the film, Edilio started a non-profit charity to raise awareness of the treatment of immigrants.
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053: Some number of years after the FAYZ wall came down, Edilio and Roger got married and adopted a baby boy, whom they named Justin, after the little boy Roger had looked after for so long.

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